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RSS syndication has become a standard within blogging news on the Internet. Of course I should be the "last" to offer my readers a RSS feed. But hopefully you'll enjoy the feed in your prefered RSS reader.

If your have no idea what this is for hesitate not!
Download e.g. BlogBridge and add this and all feed and recieve them right on your computer when ever you feel like. If you need a little more background on the syndication world refer to Danny Sullivan's article "RSS: Your gateway to news & blog content".

To get started right away just add one of the following link to your prefered syndication software:

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Happy reading :)

To set up your computers screensaver to display and RSS/XML feed please read this newspost. It contains instructions and download links for both PC and Mac.


Morten Grantzau, 2006

New category in the news section
16. maj 2013 (09:54)

Google Chrome as default browser on Mac
29. august 2012 (20:48)

Happy new year
2. januar 2012 (10:16)

6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac
17. november 2011 (08:39)

Jailbreak for iPad2 officially live
6. juli 2011 (14:06)

Running iOS5 Beta 1 (Updated!)
7. juni 2011 (15:26)

Apple issues Snow Leopard Security Update 2011-03, removes Mac Defender threat
1. juni 2011 (08:51)

Firefox 4 leaked a day early
22. marts 2011 (09:26)

Firefox 4 to be released on March 22nd
17. marts 2011 (09:07)

Adobe ready with Flash Player
9. februar 2011 (09:20)

It's been a while - I'm back though
5. februar 2011 (10:18)

Cydia coming to Mac
11. december 2010 (12:47)

iPhone iOS 4.1 Jailbreak - Greenpois0n Release Announced
8. oktober 2010 (14:13)

SHAtter Jailbreak: Jailbreak iOS 4.1, 4.2, and ABOVE for LIFE
14. september 2010 (09:54)

Apple announces iTunes 10 with Ping social network
1. september 2010 (16:05)


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