New category in the news section

New category in the news section
Published: 16. maj 2013 (09:54)
Updated: 16-05-2013 09:54:47

New category in the news section Agile It's been a long time since I've published anything and that is about to change soon. But first, I had to add a new category for the news section which is "Agile". Continue to read more...

For the past years I've been working almost exclusively with agile methods (more in particular SCRUM). I have found it very interesting and also very challenging. Throughout the years I've collected a list of issues that I wish to share with you guys but first I needed a placeholder for these stories.

The website here seems to be somewhat old and I need to think about how to re-do the things on the site without loosing too much time in development and in planning. Therefore I've done some agile thinking about the project and soon I will be able to share even more with you.

But this post is also a statement to remind you all that I'm still here - just thinking mostly :)

Morten Grantzau, 16. maj 2013

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New category in the news section
16. maj 2013 (09:54)

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