6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac
Recently I've been receiving an ever-growing number of e-mails asking me what kind of apps I use on my Mac.

6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac
Published: 17. november 2011 (08:39)
Updated: 17. november 2011 (08:39)

6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac Technology Recently I've been receiving an ever-growing number of e-mails asking me what kind of apps I use on my Mac. Continue reading for a list and a brief explanation.

Good apps are hard to find... Or are they? Here's a list of some of (my) most used and treasured apps installed on my Mac. I use these apps on a daily basis - some even hundreds of times.

Let's get to it...

1Password (commercial)
Get it at Mac Appstore
Ever wished you could remember all the passwords used on all you favorite websites? How often have you clicked that "forgot my password" button? Now, with 1Password, you'll never have to remember a single password anymore (actually that's not totally true - you still have to remember one master password). This app even integrates with Dropbox so you can access your passwords from multiple Macs or Windows machines and even has apps for iPhone and iPad.

Growl (commercial)
Get it at Mac Appstore
Growl is the notification system that Apple "forgot" when they designed the UI in OS/X. Up until recently this app has been freeware but for whatever reason it's now commercial. However, this app is SO good (and the price so low) that you just can't live without it!

Transmit (commercial)
Get it at Mac Appstore
Transmit is the best designed (I sincerely mean that!) and most feature-packed FTP client out there for Mac. It has everything you'd expect from a first-class FTP-client and then a bit more... Try the 30 days trial and see for yourself!

Adium X (free)
Read more and get it here
Adium X is an all-in-one instant message client. Keep all your online contacts in one place as group the just as you like. Adium X connects to Twitter, MSN Messenger, AOL, Facebook Chat, Google Chat and much much more. Easy to download themes and sounds - Have it YOUR way. A must-have!

Quicksilver (free)
Read more and get it here
Quicksilver is properly the app that I use the most each day. QS is an application launcher (and so much more) and while I don't like to have my dock in OS/X cluttered with apps QS provides me an awesome way to launch an app in an instant. Once you've used it a couple of times you start to wonder why Apple haven't integrated this into OS/X (no, it's NOT the same as Spotlight!).

Reeder (commercial)
Get it at Mac Appstore
If you love RSS-feeds just as much as I do you'd LOVE Reeder. It's an awesome app that reads your Google Reader feeds in a great and intuitive way. Easy to use and even easier to manage. Oh.. The VERY cool thing is that you can also get the iPhone or/and iPad app and continue reading your feeds (not having to read the ones you already read again).

That's really it. If you think I left something out (or forgot to mention some other cool apps) just drop me a line or throw in a comment below and I'll take a look at it. Thanks for reading!

Morten Grantzau, 17. november 2011

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