Adobe ready with Flash Player
Adobe ready with Flash Player which perform much better on certain Macs.

Adobe ready with Flash Player
Published: 9. februar 2011 (09:20)
Updated: 09-02-2011 09:20:56

Adobe ready with Flash Player Technology Adobe, home of the Flash Player (amongst others) has released an updated version of its popular Flash Player which highly improves perfomance on Macs. Continue reading for more information.

Adobe is ready with the Adobe Flash Player, which among other things, has sub-pixel rendering, so text appears clearer on the screen.

But perhaps the best news of the Adobe Flash Player is an improved video acceleration that takes better advantage of graphics card and processor in certain new Intel Macs is much better.

This means, among other things, that CPU usage when playing 1080p Flash video are drastically reduced, from 90 percent load per cpu to only 20 percent per cpu.

Exactly the speed of Flash has long been a criticism of many Mac users, since Flash has often been regarded as to heavy and clumsy on the Mac.

You can download the new Flash Player from Adobe's website on the link below.

Morten Grantzau, 9. februar 2011

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