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Why my daughter shouldn't be a child model
I mostly write about tech-stuff on this website, but once in a while other topics spring to mind and I feel like I have to address them. This article is about why I won't let my 2-year old daughter be a child model. Continue reading for more insights.

Published: 16. februar 2012 | Read

Softwarefejl (Danish)
Denne artikel er ikke en jeg har ophav på, men derfor syntes jeg nu alligevel den er værd at bringe. Ganske humoristisk indlæg...

Published: 16. februar 2011 | Read

iPhone wont boot past Apple logo
You might have tried it yourself. Applying a bad Jailbreak or something like that and while rebooting your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo and you can't get iTunes to recognize it. Fear not - Your phone is not broken - Continue reading for the 'trick'...

Published: 1. februar 2011 | Read

Downgrade Synology NAS firmware
Have you ever upgraded your firmware on your Synology NAS server (maybe to a BETA version) and regretted it badly ever since? Do you lie restless at night knowing that Synology firmware is not down-gradable? Fear not... Here's (a) the solution.

This article describes how to downgrade your firmware on a Synology NAS server. This method should work with any version/model.

Published: 27. januar 2011 | Read

How to resize Bootcamp partition
Apple's Bootcamp feature gives Mac users a way to install various Windows versions natively on a separate partition on their hard drive. But when Windows is installed your have no possibility of resizing your partition - or do you?

This article describes in details how to resize the Bootcamp partition in a few tedious steps. Continue reading for a set of detailed instructions.

Published: 15. april 2010 | Read

Combine 2 or more PDF-files into 1 PDF-file
This first screencast is a short video explaining how to combine 2 (or more) Adobe PDF-files into 1 PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Professional. This tutorial is the same on both PC and Mac.

Published: 7. april 2010 | Read

Request a screencast
What do you want to know? Make a request for a screencast on any issue and I'll see if I can help.

Published: 7. april 2010 | Read

How to Request Read Receipts in Mac OS X Mail
Have you ever wondered what happened to a message you sent? Has a spam filter's ruthless rule befallen it, or did it never arrive? Was it read but forgotten?

When you send an email in Mac OS X Mail, the message will be delivered to its recipient promptly -- usually, but not always.

To get some idea of your every email's fate, you can request read receipts.

Continue to read for detailed information on setting this up.

Published: 6. april 2010 | Read

Create Snap Shots in Photoshop History
While working with designs in Photoshop all day you occasionally plan to go in a different direction than you originally intended. While you have your 'History' palette you can go 'back in time' but more often than not you face the problem that your history has vanished due to the number of history items to save. While you can increase this there's actually an even better way to preserve history. Snap Shots!

Continue reading for detailed information on this - well-overseen built-in feature in Photoshop.

Published: 31. marts 2010 | Read

3 ways of stopping SPAM on your Facebook profile
Everybody who is using the online community site, Facebook, knows this problem. SPAM on your profile page. While a lot of people are using Facebook as a social networking site, other people (like me) are using it as a networking tool on equal side of LinkedIn, Skype and MSN Messenger. SPAM on my Facebook profile page is not something I want to see - and more important - it's not something I want to show off to potential clients or the like.

This article gives you a selection of ways to reduce the SPAM which clutters the profile page on Facebook.

Published: 12. januar 2010 | Read

Installing Windows 7 on Bootcamp
The new 'hyped' operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7, plays nice with the OS/X Snow Leopard Bootcamp - But installing it in e.g. Mac Pro renders a small issue that many users has complained about. Error 0x80300024.... Continue reading on a fix for this problem.

Published: 20. oktober 2009 | Read

Get a better view with Quick Look
Quick Look is such an awesome feature of Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, making it really fun and easy to view files and folders from anywhere on your Mac. But what happens when you have a folder with multiple items and want to get a better idea of what's inside? Well, you could always just open the folder in Finder, but there's a cool modification you can make to get an even quicker view.

Published: 4. oktober 2009 | Read

Fix for Firefox lost focus in Snow Leopard
While Apple just released the new operating system for Mac - Snow Leopard (10.6) - users have reported that when launching the open source browser, Firefox, the browser window is not brought into focus. Continue reading for a work-around.

Published: 31. august 2009 | Read

Where did Nanna go?
Nanna is the name of the Danish voice in Garmin's on-the-road series of GPS devices. The Nanna-voice is downloadable from the Garmin updater utility, however it contains a flaw and if you wan to restore it to the previous version - you're screwed. Continue reading for a download link and an explanation.

Published: 31. juli 2009 | Read

How to repair disk permissions on OSX
While using your computer the permissions on certain files and folders are constantly changing. On occasions this causes a few problems when installing e.g. a software update from Apple. Continue reading to find out how to fix them...

Published: 16. juni 2009 | Read

Configuring Apple Airport Extreme to route DHCP
Recently I've recieved more and more requests on how to let DHCP tables route through an Apple Airport Extreme unit. Actually the procedure is not so difficult so keep reading for a detailed explanation and solution.

Published: 9. juni 2009 | Read

Disable 'Call forwarding' popup on iPhone 2.2
When using your iPhone for a call you (most likely) will see a popup on the screen sayin 'Call forwarding'. Most users finds this irritating since you're unable to use your keyboard until you press 'Dismiss'. Read the following article on how to disable the popup but maintaining your call forward functionality all together.

Published: 30. april 2009 | Read

Make Firefox 3 faster
Mozilla Firefox is a free and relatively fast browser. It's sparks a lot of cool plugins and features but in its initial release it's compiled to fit most standard computers. But you can make it even faster!

Published: 4. marts 2009 | Read

Communities reveal your secrets
In the ever-growing world of online communities we share all of our deepest secrets on which we know, our relationships and all the photos of most embarrassing moments. It’s fun and we love to snoop in all of those juice details of our friends – but so does the companies looking for new employees!

This is an article on what to share – and in particular what NOT to share with the world.

Published: 25. april 2008 | Read

Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone
Apple's iPhone is a VERY popular device. However, Apple has chosen to lock the phone to selected carriers around the world. This - and the lack of ability to install 3rd party applications on the device has started a small revolution in the underground "hacking/cracking" community. Up until now this was ONLY for people knowing the BSD-subsystem and various tricks in the code. But all of that has changed...

Published: 18. marts 2008 | Read

IPhones i Danmark ad omveje
Denne artikel er skrevet for "Forbrug på Nettet" (FPN). Artiklen omhandler hvordan danskere kan få glæde af Apples nyeste påfund - iPhone.

Published: 7. marts 2008 | Read

Office 2008 - First-Hand Impression (Dansk)
Denne artikkel understøtter en tidligere udgivet artikel omkring førstehånds indtrykkene af Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac i forhold til Entourage vs Outlook mod Exchange server.

Published: 23. oktober 2007 | Read

Office 2008 - First-Hand Impression
The long anticipated version of Microsoft's new Office 2008 for Mac is undergoing the final tests and development states. So far the software is still in BETA state but I've been blessed with a copy for review.

Published: 22. oktober 2007 | Read

MSN Messenger is enough!
We, who live our lives directly on the Internet, takes great pleasure in catching up on what's hot and not with our friends, relatives and business contacts. But we spend an enormous amount of time on social network sites.

Is it worth it?

Published: 20. september 2007 | Read

Meet Your Messenger - Meet your hacker
Numerous e-mails are flooding my inbox with the title "Invitation to". They originates from a Danish website who claims to allow registered users to see who other people has added to their MSN Messenger.

Published: 10-09-2007 | Read

Customizing the OSX UI
Back in the days when I used to work on Microsoft Windows I spend a lot of time playing around with different customization applications and mods of various style. Honestly, what I really wanted to do was to imitate the Apple OSX UI. But now I'm on OSX - and THEN what?

Published: 31-08-2007 | Read

Easy migration of user data?
Buying a new computer is always very exiting and is always a happy moment - until the minute you have to transfer all of your program settings, preferences, e-mails, address books and so on from your old machine.

Published: 14-06-2007 | Read

German perfection in usability?
A recent trip to the German city Hamburg brought a thought of German perfection in usability into my mind in a desperate attempt of buying cigarettes.

Published: 17-04-2007 | Read

Danish Infrastructure
In the past few months the Danish government has made a lot of suggestions on how to improve the Danish infrastructure with bridges across the country. This is my personal suggestion to this matter.

Published: 30-03-2007 | Read

How to upload a website
Today a few of my classmates asked me the same question again and again: "How do I upload my new website so it's online?" Instead of sending the same e-mail to each and everyone I've chosen to publish a small article (or tutorial if you like) right here on

Published: 19-01-2007 | Read

MSN on iChat
MSN Messenger (Live) is one of the most widely used IM clients around. However, a lot of religion is happening when Apple Mac users are forced to use this client on their Macs.

But scouting the net brings some closure to this issue as it's possible to actually adopt your MSN Messenger contacts to your iChat.

Published: 10-01-2007 | Read

Newborn Babies Talk
The Internet gives us a great way to share information (useful or useless) with each other. The warp speed of the information broadcasts is a great way to share everything with everyone. But we tend to forget some basic rules in our quest for sharing things.

Published: 26-11-2006 | Read

Dangerous Links
A new thread has arrived on the Internet in the shape of malicious websites which take advantage of vulnerabilities in software programs and operating systems. How do we deal with such thing?

Published: 03-08-2006 | Read

Chaos in Infrastructure
This article has been inspired by recent events in my hometown, Aarhus Denmark, where most public transportation has been unbelievable unstable.

Published: 24-07-2006 | Read

Power consumption in Home Offices
A huge amount of gadgets and blinking toys are filling up our homes. But how much do we think about the real-time power consumption?

Published: 03-05-2006 | Read

Wireless Security at Home
Everybody is going wireless. But are your network fit for fight in the raging war against intruders and hackers?

Published: 27-02-2006 | Read

Safe Digital Communication
Communication today rely on advanced digital channels. But how well are these channels protected and what can we, as consumers, do to prevent them from being abused?

Published: 04-01-2006 | Read

E-Sports - Good or Bad?
Most children today are participating in online gaming. Most parents tend to think that this is bad for their children - But scientist disagree!

Published: 07-09-2005 | Read

MSN Messenger sense in Nicks
MSN Messenger is one of the worlds most popular instant message clients. But the way we use our names on this client makes it nearly impossible to use in business relations.

Published: 12-04-2005 | Read

A personal article written during my trip to Korea in 2004. About being an adoptee and experiencing ones birth country and culture 27 years later.

Published: 21-07-2004 | Read

The Secret of the BCC field
Spam spam spam...
"Forward this mail to X people or something bad happens"

But sometimes we DO need to forward an e-mail to more than one person. And this is where the BCC field emerges!

Published: 05-03-2004 | Read

Why my daughter shouldn't be a child model
16. februar 2012

Softwarefejl (Danish)
16. februar 2011

iPhone wont boot past Apple logo
1. februar 2011

Downgrade Synology NAS firmware
27. januar 2011

How to resize Bootcamp partition
15. april 2010

Combine 2 or more PDF-files into 1 PDF-file
7. april 2010

Request a screencast
7. april 2010

How to Request Read Receipts in Mac OS X Mail
6. april 2010

Create Snap Shots in Photoshop History
31. marts 2010

3 ways of stopping SPAM on your Facebook profile
12. januar 2010

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