iPhone wont boot past Apple logo
Published: 1. februar 2011

You might have tried it yourself. Applying a bad Jailbreak or something like that and while rebooting your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo and you can't get iTunes to recognize it. Fear not - Your phone is not broken - Continue reading for the 'trick'...

Sitting in front of your precious Apple iPhone and just seeing it stuck at the Apple logo is a pain in the (well... a place that is usually pretty dark)...!

According to Apple this can be due to a fail in the activation process, though there's no obvious evidence to support it.

However, making iTunes recognize your phone and let you restore it is actually surprisingly easy...!

1: Open iTunes.
2: Attached your 'broken' iPhone to the USB-cable (not the dock or any other appliance).
3: Press and hold both the Home button and the power button until the iTunes recovery screen is displayed on the phone.

4: Restore your phone to either default or clicking Option+Restore (Mac) to select a custom firmware file.

That's it :)

- End -

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iPhone wont boot past Apple logo
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