Downgrade Synology NAS firmware
Published: 27. januar 2011

Have you ever upgraded your firmware on your Synology NAS server (maybe to a BETA version) and regretted it badly ever since? Do you lie restless at night knowing that Synology firmware is not down-gradable? Fear not... Here's (a) the solution.

This article describes how to downgrade your firmware on a Synology NAS server. This method should work with any version/model.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong - nor am I able to help you with your problems whatever they might be afterwards. Continue on your own risk!

1) Extract the VERSION file:
First - I extracted the VERSION file from the synology_ixp420_junior_0368.pat file. I am planning to use the synology_ixp420_junior_0385.pat for the actual downgrade, so I use a firmware file which is older than 385 - in this place it is the 368 file. I used WinRAR (ver 3.51) to open the pat-file, which in fact is a TAR copressed archive file. The VERSION file is placed in the root of the TAR archive. I extracted the file to the public share on the synology 101j

2) Enable telnet or ssh.
Use you webinterface on the DSM to do this.

3) Finding files:
DiskStation> cd /
DiskStation> find / -name VERSION

4) Verify content of file:
DiskStation> more ./etc.defaults/VERSION

5) Replacing VERSION file:
DiskStation> cp /volume1/public/VERSION /etc.defaults/VERSION

6) Verify content of file after replace:
DiskStation> more ./etc.defaults/VERSION

7) Downgrade firmware using the web-admin-tool:
- Logon via web-browser as user "admin"
- Go to "firmware upgrade"

The folowing information is now showing:
Model Name: DS-101j
Current Firmware Version: 2.0.3 - 0368
Firmware Date: 2006/06/29

- Browse for the old firmware pat-file (synology_ixp420_junior_0385.pat) and click OK

- End -

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