How to resize Bootcamp partition
Published: 15. april 2010

Apple's Bootcamp feature gives Mac users a way to install various Windows versions natively on a separate partition on their hard drive. But when Windows is installed your have no possibility of resizing your partition - or do you?

This article describes in details how to resize the Bootcamp partition in a few tedious steps. Continue reading for a set of detailed instructions.

Bootcamp is a very cool feature introduced in newer Macs after Apple decided to switch from the previous processors from Motorola (PPC) to the new ones from Intel.

With Bootcamp you can install various versions (one at the time) to run natively on your Mac in either dual-boot or through virtualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.

The Bootcamp assistant is very easy to use (as most software from Apple is). It explains to you in short details what to do and when to do it - so go right ahead and take it for a test run. But beware - Once you decided on a size of your new Bootcamp partition on your local hard drive it's nearly impossible to resize it.

Follow these few steps below to do so anyway - without loosing your Bootcamp partition data.

1. Download Winclone
Winclone is a program designed for Macs to make- and restore an image of a Windows partition. It's very straight forward and it's completely free. Get it here.

2. Make an image of your existing Bootcamp partition
Start Winclone and select your Bootcamp partition in the source drop down. When you press "image" in the lower right corner you can select where to save the image. It's a good idea to use a USB hard drive as this requires the same amount of free space as your Bootcamp partition is.

Winclone now does it magic (select the 'View Log' for details).

3. Remove the current Bootcamp partition
Now that your Bootcamp partition is residing on your USB hard drive you can remove your current Bootcamp partition. This is simply done by starting the 'Bootcamp Assistant' (the one you used in the first place to get Windows on your computer).

Select the 'Create or remove Windows partition' and restore the disk back to 1 partition.
Exit the wizard and reopen it.

4. Create new resized Bootcamp partition
Now it's time to create the new Bootcamp partition. Make sure you make it big enough this time. After you're satisfied with the partition sizes (move the slider left or right) press 'Partition'.

The new Bootcamp partition will be created.

Press 'Quit & Install Later' and the Bootcamp Assistant will exit.

5. Restore your previous Bootcamp partition
Now, open Winclone once again. From the tab on the top select 'Restore'. In the 'Select Image' dialog select your previous Bootcamp partition from the USB hard drive (or where ever you placed it). In the 'Destination' field you should select your new Bootcamp partition.

Click 'Restore' in the lower right corner and let Winclone do its magic (this could take a while depending on the size of your partitions).

All that's left now is to test that your new Bootcamp partition works as it's supposed to. Reboot and check.

This tutorial has been checked using Windows 7 x64 on a MacBook Pro (late 2008 model) and with a MacPro 1.1 with Windows XP SP2 x86.

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