3 ways of stopping SPAM on your Facebook profile
Published: 12. januar 2010

Everybody who is using the online community site, Facebook, knows this problem. SPAM on your profile page. While a lot of people are using Facebook as a social networking site, other people (like me) are using it as a networking tool on equal side of LinkedIn, Skype and MSN Messenger. SPAM on my Facebook profile page is not something I want to see - and more important - it's not something I want to show off to potential clients or the like.

This article gives you a selection of ways to reduce the SPAM which clutters the profile page on Facebook.

Remove people from your friendslist who continuously install 3rd part applications.
3rd party applications are the worst way of plastering your Facebook profile with junk. I seriously don’t care if people in my friendslist are ”Capricorn” or ”likes horror movies”. If I need to know these kinds of information I’ll ask them.

Remove teens
Though they might be fun looking at teens has a way of disrupting the daily flow on your profile asking questions such as: ”Hi, how are you?”. Again… If I want these people to know how I feel I’ll tell them.

Block people from posting ridicules status messages on your profile
Right now (as I’m writing this) there’s a tendency for people (mostly girls and people who are not aware what Facebook is really for) to post the following message:

Sæt (heart) denne (heart) på (heart) din (heart) status (heart) hvis (heart) du (heart) kender (heart) en (heart) som (heart) har (heart) eller (heart) har haft (heart) kræft! (heart) Jeg ønsker allermest i 2010 en kur for kræft! (heart)

Put (heart) this (heart) on (heart) your (heart) status (heart) if (heart) you (heart) know (heart) someone (heart) who (heart) have (heart) or (heart) had cancer! (heart) I want a cure for cancer as the most in 2010! (heart)

NO! This has nothing to do with cancer or if you support it. This is a way of making you feel better while doing nothing. Facebook is a social network – Not a wishing well. (This does not mean that I don’t want a cure for cancer – I just don’t want it Facebook).

A few radical ways to stop SPAM…
  1. Disable your friends option to post anything on your wall
  2. Write personal e-mails to your friends that you don’t care to much about their horoscope and whatnot
  3. Abandon your Facebook profile entirely
  4. Disconnect your computer from the Internet and start using pen and paper

- End -

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3 ways of stopping SPAM on your Facebook profile
12. januar 2010

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